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Are you ready to live in alignment with your soul’s path for you?

If your answer is YES — what do you think has been holding you back?

Do you ever:

  • Worry that you’re not going to realize your dreams?
  • Feel anxious and fearful when you have a decision to make?
  • Wish you could manifest the love you want— and learn to love yourself unconditionally?
  • Put off doing what you’re secretly dying to do?
  • Long to feel more empowered at work?
  • Wish you felt more purpose and meaning in your life?
  • Wonder in the middle of the night what’s wrong with you?

Through the right support, step-by-step guidance, and proper resources you’ll experience true (and lasting) transformation.

For the first time ever, we’ve curated Rhonda’s most popular courses into collections that address exactly what’s holding you back from the life that’s meant for you.

The new habits and practices you’ll receive in these collections will help you strengthen your mental muscles and build new neural pathways to set you on a new path.

Each collection features Rhonda’s inspiring (yet down-to-earth and easy to understand) teachings, exercises, practices, interactive exercises, and more.

Essential Fearless Future Collection

Find your purpose, trust your decisions, get clear on the vision for your life — and put it all into action so you can finally live the life your soul intended™.

How to Find Your Purpose

YOU have a purpose! YOU have something you were designed to do – something that will click and make your whole life suddenly come into focus. Now’s the time to find it with our 21-day course!

Normally $497

Create A Year That Matters

Are you ready to live your best year? I’m going to share with you the exact process that I use to have clarity and confidence to Create My Year, MY WAY! And achieve unbelievable success with unshakable peace of mind.

Normally $497

Finish Your Year Strong

Don’t let fear keep you from reaching your biggest dreams. Get what you really want NOW! Discover Rhonda’s proven system to conquer indecision, banish your biggest roadblocks and transform your life with changes that last!

Normally $97

Vault: Grounded Vision

Vision originates from the creative source allowing you to see beyond what is. Vision is inspiring and exciting. Yet, vision must be grounded in practical application to move a project forward. It may feel boring to a visionary yet every visionary needs an implementor to ground a vision and turn it into reality.

*Not available for individual purchase

More than 10 hours of teaching, including 9 videos and transcripts and 26 Fearbuster Exercises™ to help you gain a clear vision for your life and start taking action today!

“Create A Year That Matters will change your life.”

“As a Coach myself, I wanted to start sharing my message with more and more people but wasn’t confident that I could attract people to my workshops.

After ONE CLASS of Create-A-Year, I scheduled my first workshop and guess what? 35 people showed up. My coaching practice took off and so have I. Take Create-A-Year-that-Matters, it will change your life.”

Cledra McCullers

Life and Business Strategist

OR uplevel EVERY area of your life with all 4 Fearless Collections for just $997! (Save $3313 Today)

Image of 15 Courses

What’s in the Fearless Collection 4-pack?

166 Videos

88 Fearbuster Exercises™

Course Transcripts

Lifetime Access

Hi, I’m Rhonda Britten…

Have you noticed how fast we can forget who we are, what we want, and where we’re going?

Forgetting these things has been easy lately, with all we’ve been through the past couple of years. But it doesn’t mean we have to stop moving forward…

In fact, this is the very reason I was inspired to bundle our most popular courses and match them with exclusive recordings from the Vault (the Vault is all the goodies we haven’t released for more than a decade!).

In my 25 + years coaching just about everyone, including moms, police officers, celebrities, and Olympic athletes, I’ve honed solutions that work and truly make a difference.

I created the Fearless Collections to help you solve your biggest problem as well as bring you big savings.

Want more confidence and get unstuck?
Fearless Living will show you how to stop what’s killing your confidence and keeping you stuck — plus, seal up any breaks in your foundation. And this Vault recording is the one I love the most.

Want more connection and love in your life?
I designed Fearless Loving to take you step-by-step to the ultimate goal of loving yourself. I also share how I finally forgave my father who murdered my mother when I was 14.

Want more abundance and ability to manifest?
Fearless Abundance gives you the tools and guidance you need to finally figure out this manifestation thing — because let’s be frank, the Law of Attraction alone just doesn’t work.

Want more purpose and a plan to take action?
Fearless Future helps you get clear on where to put your focus and how to take the risks needed to make your dreams come true.

Choose the Collection that solves your biggest problem (or grab all 4!) today. The vault closes on Tuesday, May 31!

Essential Fearless Living Collection

Are you at a crossroads in your life or facing the fear of the unknown? Feeling unsure about what really matters to you anymore? Get the guidance you need to unleash your power and personal freedom — and step into living fearlessly.

How to Overcome Fear Series

There are very specific fears that keep us from living our destiny. Including fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, and more. So I created an entire series on how to conquer the top ten fears that hold us back. It’s called the How to Overcome Fear series…

Normally $970

Fearless Living for Life

Build the groundwork for your Fearless Life with these 12 foundational principles that are required to live a life of peace, power, and passion. When you master these principles of living, you WILL be a different person – the better, happier, more contented version of you that has been hiding inside all along!

Normally $564

Vault: Truth to Go… Women’s Wisdom

Four affirmative devotions to support you in expanding your ability to have harmonious relationships, embrace your body, increase money flow, and experience more confident living as well as an empowering meditation to help you throughout the day.

*Not available for individual purchase

More than 20 hours of teaching, including 93 videos and transcripts and 22 Fearbuster Exercises™, so you can build a solid foundation that will set you free from fear.

“It’s impossible not to get a result fast”

“The value of the How to Overcome Fear Series + system is in excess of tens of thousands. To hire a coach is not cheap. To learn how to overcome my fear in its most usable format is priceless. It was as though my mind magically transformed all at once. If you get the ten fear courses and use the system it is impossible not to get a result fast.”

Marta Weiskopf

Singer, Burbank, CA

Essential Fearless Loving Collection

Are you ready to attract more love into your life — and love yourself more in the process? Learn to set boundaries with confidence, experience the power of forgiveness, and live with less regret and more passion.

21 Days of Self Love

You feel loved – or find it – until you love yourself first! Recharge your Love Tank in Just 21 Days! Your Love Tank will be overflowing with uplifting messages, inspiring action steps, heartfelt love notes and more. Together, we’ll discover your worth!

Normally $497

Getting Your Needs Met

You have a RIGHT to your opinions, thoughts, wants and needs! But when our needs conflict with those around us, it can be torture to fight for our rights. This course will teach you how to get your needs met WITHOUT the drama and WITHOUT doubting yourself!

Normally $97

Freedom of Forgiveness

Unforgiveness is a poison you take yourself to hurt another person. Translation: It only hurts you. When you decide to forgive someone for something they’ve done, guess what? YOU will feel the weight of that hurt lift off your shoulders. Forgiveness is for YOU!

Normally $497

Vault: Fearless Dating

Get ready to let go of everything you’ve ever learned about dating. This revolutionary confidence-boosting program will show you how to love all of you as you claim your heartbreaks, embrace what you value, and discover what works for you in the love department so you can open your heart to find the love of your life.

*Not available for individual purchase

More than 10 hours of teaching, including 14 videos and transcripts and 22 Fearbuster Exercises™, so you can fall in love with yourself and open your heart to others.

“Thank you Rhonda for teaching us how to love ourselves!”

“I am more aware and I know I have just planted the seed to self-love. I learned that I will not always have that loving feeling or that I have to be perfect, but I am committed to loving myself no matter what, because I AM deserving of love. The real me is good enough … no more twisting myself into a pretzel for love. You are a guiding light and an inspiration to all of us!”


Essential Fearless Abundance Collection

Unlock the secret to manifestation (Hint: It’s fear that’s stopping you!) Release generational patterns, unconscious behaviors, and limiting beliefs to open your life to abundance in EVERY area of your life!

The One Thing

It’s important to know how to create when a dream is calling you and manifest those nudges in your heart.
The One Thing is designed to help you live your Dream Life. And don’t be fooled. There is work to do.

Normally $297

Letting Go

To receive MORE in your life: more abundance, more happiness, more connection – whatever it is your heart desires – you have to let go of the painful things lurking in your mind that keep you STUCK instead of helping you MOVE FORWARD!

Normally $297

Vault: Fearless Living and Law of Attraction

Discover how the Law of Attraction has a fatal flaw that inspires guilt rather than moves you forward on your soul’s path. Learn how Fearless Living and LOA work together to help you be on a shame-free path to manifesting your Dream Life.

*Not available for individual purchase

Vault: Truth to Go… Empowerment for the Workplace

Four affirmative devotions to help you on the way to work, prepare for a meeting, deal with a difficult person, and embrace success as well as a stress-reducing meditation to put you at ease throughout your day.

*Not available for individual purchase

More than 12 hours of teaching, including 13 videos and transcripts and 20 Fearbuster Exercises™, so you can become a magnet to manifest the life that is calling you.

“…Helped me break free”

“Rhonda helped me to understand what fear is and isn’t. Learning the cycle I was in helped me break free to learn to live fearlessly on a daily basis!”

David Theobald

Sign Language Interpreter, Dubque, IA

More from Fearless Living Students

“Courage to Create the Life I Want to Live”

“Fearless Living has taught me about courage; courage to risk being myself, courage to love and be loved, courage to create the life I want to live. And it taught me simple ways to do it.”

Martha Pasternack

Circle of Life Coaching, Durango, CO

“My biggest insight is that I am ALREADY using up so much brain power (energy, time, worry, money etc) on creating a miserable situation in life, so why not be willing to use that same amount of energy to bring in peace and love and joy? I am ready and willing! Thanks, Rhonda!”

Aneta M

Owner, Kids Day Camp

“I Gained Self-Worth, Personal Power and Confidence”

“With Fearless Living, I gained self-worth, personal power and confidence. I was afraid to connect with other people and face the world. Now I have deep friendships and I’m planning a trip abroad to see world wonders and meet new people. I gained independence, accountability to my own commitments and have the courage to follow-through … today, life is about turning dreams into reality.”

Ayelet Weisz

Travel Writer, Haifa, Israel

Choose the Fearless Collection
that solves your biggest problem…

Fearless Living | Fearless Loving | Fearless Abundance | Fearless Future


OR uplevel EVERY area of your life with all 4 Fearless Collections for just $997!

Image of 15 Courses

What’s in the Fearless Collection 4-pack?

166 Videos

88 Fearbuster Exercises™

Course Transcripts

Lifetime Access

Hi, I’m Rhonda Britten

As one of the first Life Coaches in the world, I’ve been changing lives since 1995.

Along with being a multiple best-selling author (four, in fact, including my seminal book, Fearless Living), I’ve appeared in over 600 episodes of reality TV and even won an EMMY for my work on the hit NBC show “Starting Over.”

My mission? To support destiny seekers to Live The Life Their Soul Intended™ (and train the coaches that help them do that.)


What’s a digital course?

It’s a powerful way to experience Rhonda’s teachings anywhere, anytime as you move through each course at your own pace.

The courses in these collections contain various helpful resources, including video lessons, work sheets, and regular course emails to keep you on track getting closer to your Fearless self! You’ll have lifetime access to everything, so you can return to each course and the individual modules whenever you need to refresh your memory.

What technology will I need?

To view or listen to these courses, you’ll only need a computer or mobile device. (If you feel called, grab a notebook to write down your reflections.)

How long will these course materials be accessible to me?

You get lifetime access to these course materials! No need to register for a certain date, so don’t worry if your calendar is booked for next week already.

Are there any prerequisites or anything I should do to prepare for this course?

No! Just be ready to live fearlessly.

Does Fearless Living mean I'll no longer experience fear?

That’s a great question. Fear is wired into our neurobiology so there’s no getting rid of fear yet, you can master it. That’s where Rhonda comes in. She helps you identify, process, and move beyond any fear so you will never be stopped or stuck again. If this sounds like something you want, claim your collection today (or all the collections!) so you don’t waste another moment.

Can I share the materials and recordings with my friends?

No. We ask that you do not share the course materials and content with people who haven’t purchased them from Rhonda. We love making these materials available at such an accessible price, and we ask that you honor the copyright.

But you’re most welcome to share this link with them and let them know about this incredible deal before it ends:

Will refunds be available?

This is a 60% off, limited time offer you will not see again and all sales are final. We want to encourage you to commit to being Fearless, taking action, and creating a future you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine yourself just 30 days from now, feeling like Jacquie:

“I never imagined 30 days ago how different I would be today! 30 days ago, I was so low, and stuck. I felt alone and lost. I barely knew myself so how could I possibly be true to myself? Now I’ve gained the tools to find myself and become true to myself, I have goals to move forward, I have amazing support through our Facebook group, and I have joy . . . JOY!

I commit to continuing this journey as I know there is so much more to come for me and if I can shift this much in 30 days, what can I do in a year, or two, or five years? How exciting a thought is that? Rhonda, thank you for sharing you and your gifts with me! You are an angel here on earth and you have made an incredible difference!”

Or Create-A-Year-That-Matters and get results like Jill:

“Since I took Create-A-Year last year, I’ve lost thirty pounds, changed my job and started dating. I truly did create a completely different year. And it’s been a lot easier than I thought. I was one of those people who was waiting for the timing to be right. But the timing was never right. I dove in last year with nothing to lose. Thank You Rhonda. Create-A-Year was the best investment I ever made in myself.”

Investing in these collections is an investment in yourself. You can never lose.

Why should I sign up for these courses and not someone else’s?

These courses are for you if you’re ready to live fearlessly.

And to be frank, no one else teaches anything like this.

Whether that’s a fear of rejection or loss; fear of failure or success; fear of abandonment or pain, Rhonda has created a method for anyone anywhere to master the invisible, insidious fear we all have of ‘not being good enough.’ What she teaches is what she’s lived.

Rhonda’s work goes to the heart of what’s holding you back — it’s very rare you’ll find this level of depth at such an accessible investment!

Rhonda has overcome her own “20-year horror story” as she calls it. She’s been interviewed by Oprah, twice, and has changed women’s lives via the Starting Over house that aired every day for three years on NBC. Find out much more about Rhonda’s story and expertise right here.

This isn’t a good time for me. Will you ever offer this again?

This is the first time we’ve opened the Vault in over a decade. After we close the doors, the only way you will be able to access these courses will be as a member of Fearless You.

You won’t have to start the courses immediately – you’ll have lifetime access to all materials. But you may never see these collections offered at this discounted rate again. If you get all 4 collections now, you’ll save a total of $3313! The full collection is worth nearly $4310.

Do not hesitate to grab the collection (or collections) that are calling you. We don’t want you to miss out on lifetime access to Rhonda’s teachings.

This isn’t a good time for me. Will you ever offer this again?

This is the first time we’ve opened the Vault in over a decade. After we close the doors, the only way you will be able to access these courses will be as a member of Fearless You.

Do not hesitate to grab the bundle (or bundles) that are calling you. We don’t want you to miss out on lifetime access to Rhonda’s teachings.

What's at risk if I don't sign up now?

As Rhonda says: Your future. Your confidence. Your self-esteem. Your ability to make a difference..

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be here if this problem hasn’t been going on for a while — so how long do you want it to last?

You have to decide to believe you can get you to the other side. Rhonda has been coaching and teaching for over two decades and has thousands of people raising their hand saying ”this works.”

What’s at risk is your problem is just going to get bigger, and you’re gonna feel like you are drowning in it. Don’t go there. Grab Rhonda’s hand. These powerful teachings will never be more accessible and affordable — let’s do this!

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