Amy Mead
Divine Willow Wellness
"Fearless Conversations solidified my desire to be a coach and helped me to realize that I can be a good Coach. It's been amazing, thinking about the way that I have conversations with people, how I show up to those conversations and what that says about me. I have three boys they're 12, eight and six. My eight-year-old has special needs, so you have to be very tactful in communicating with him anyway. And there are definitely skills that I've learned here today that have really been moments of insight where I've realized if I just changed some of the language that I used with him, I could probably have better communication with him as well. I would say if you ever have an opportunity to do any of Rhonda's workshops, do them all. This one specifically, really can be used anywhere. I mean, it's about having better conversations and being a better communicator so you can use it at work, at home, and in various areas of your personal life. I just think everybody could use better communication skills."