Cynthia Seely
Life Coach
“The Fearless Foundation Workshop was life-changing for me. I came back and looked at my husband and 17-year-old daughter with so much more compassion. I feel as though I actually see them differently and so I am behaving differently and they’re responding so positively. Mostly I see myself differently. I see the possibilities. I have always said I would do what I want as soon as I figured out what it is. Well, the truth is, I have always known what I want to do… because I do it all the time, and whether I get paid for it in the future or not, I will always be doing it. I have just been afraid of not being good enough, but that has changed now. I realize now that I don’t have to be perfect. That I don’t have to force anything. I can just move forward in my life and just do the things today that I am committed to and all of this other stuff will work itself out. It’s like, gee, you mean I can stop agonizing and start living? I can actually have peace with myself? What a concept!