CFLC, Certified Fearless Trainer
Fearless Family Life Coaching
" Fearless Conversations Workshop is useful to anyone who ever talks to anybody else. This was my second time attending and I gained a much deeper understanding of why the eight steps to deep, meaningful conversation show up in the order that they do and how they build on each other. I practiced these skills with my kids to embody them and ready in my coaching. This is really: how do you listen, so that the communication goes full circleso that if you have a message you really need to get across, you know how to present your side. Even if you come away from the whole weekend with only one thing, it's going to be a hugely powerful thing for you. But there are at least eight things waiting for you (and the connection with the other people is also powerful). Rhonda Britten's workshops are set up to where it's a full body experience. She's talking, we listen and then we get up and do it and we mix with each other. Embody and practice."